TH Lee Putnam Ventures is a technology-focused private equity firm. We managed $1.1 billion in capital commitments and have invested approximately $850 million in more than 43 companies since the firm's formation in 1999.

Our primary focus is private transactions in later-stage venture companies whose success depends on the deployment and use of information technologies. In addition to later-stage venture companies, we will also consider public entities, middle market buyouts, recapitalizations and spinouts of corporate divisions.

We look for companies that have established revenue streams, a clear path to profitability and strong management. Our typical investment is between $20 and $50 million, although we take larger or smaller stakes, depending on particular circumstances.

Examples of companies in our portfolio and how they fit our investment strategy include:
  1. Users of technology: Velocity Express - same day critical delivery service
  2. Outsourcers: Parago - outsource manager of promotional rebates
  3. Vendors: Marketmax - retail application / analytic software
We are active, long-term investors in businesses where we build value by contributing financial, strategic, technical and operational resources. Our contributions take a variety of shapes and forms, including developing and implementing growth strategies; identifying sales opportunities through our networks; evaluating and consummating add-on acquisitions; building management teams; and raising additional capital.